Terms & Conditions

1. All products sold by Atelier Elegant are replicas of high quality , which correspond to the authentic products of big brands, all products are 96-98% identical to the authentic ones of counters.

2. All products come with counter authentic updated packages, with dust bags, authentication card, pamphlet, gift box,gift bag. Official counter receipts are provided only upon request. Extra shipments for receipts will be at the charges of buyers.

3. Orders must be passed via the official web site of Atelier Elegant, except for the products which are not demonstrated on the web site, orders needs to be made with PDF invoices through the Customer Service inside Atelier Elegant.

4. All products are shipped by air in package through EMS, DHL,Aramex or some special lines for certain countries, marked as a free gift no more than 30$ in value at the aim to avoid unnecessary taxation.

5. Any return due to personal reasons or non-quality issues will not be accepted by Atelier Elegant, all returns due to quality issue are accepted in conditions that the product is not used. Any replacement or exchange is possible in condition that buyer takes charge of the back-and-forth transportation fee. In case of any Customer issue or inspection during the return, Atelier Elegant is free of responsibility. Any taxation raised by the China Customer or Customer in any other country will be at the charges of buyer.

6. Refund due to personal reasons or non-quality issues will not be accepted by Atelier Elegant,all bank commissions or transfer fees will be at the charges of buyer.

7. All products must be fully paid before being shipped, bank transfer, Western Union and Moneygram are accepted by Atelier Elegant.

8. All products must be shipped out within 72h after reception of payment, Atelier Elegant is in the obligation to execute the QC (Quality control) before shipment, pre-shipment photos will be provided upon request.

9. After shipment, Atelier Elegant is in the obligation to provide buyer with the tracking number,shipment takes around 5-7 days to arrive according to different countries in different zones. Shipment will be free for an order up to $2000 or equivalent in other currencies, below this amount, shipment will be charged at $40 per item, which will be shown at the end of the order bill.

10. Lifetime warranty for products is not provided by Atelier Elegant.

11. Two possibilities of Customer issues are frequently encountered for some countries of sensitive zones:

(1). The Customer will put taxation on the package as they found it the real authentic ones, in this case, buyer will have to pay the taxation according to the authentic price ( taxation rates are different according to different countries), Atelier Elegant will not be responsible for the local taxation as every buyer should know the import policy of their own country before ordering from abroad.

(2). The Customer will confiscate the package as they found it as counterfeit, in this case, Atelier Elegant will take charges of 50% of the packages, which means that buyer will only have to pay another extra 50% of the original price, and Atelier Elegant will send buyer another new package. Or buyer will only get 30% refunded by Atelier Elegant.

12. Atelier Elegant will be responsible for any loss during the shipment.

13. Wholesales price or free shipment can be negotiate and applied with Atelier Elegant. (Terms No.11 will not be applied in the wholesales order).