Privacy & Security

Atelier Elegant. (the "Company") makes much account of personal information of his customers using the services operated by the Company. The Company’s privacy policy (“Policy”) is set forth below.By providing any Personal Information to the Company, you fully understand and consent to the collection, use, and transfer of Personal Information on the terms and conditions outlined in the Policy. If you don’t agree to the Policy, please choose not to provide Personal Information to the Company.

Article 1 (Providing Personal Information for Third Party)

(1) The Company shall manage the personal information of the subject of personal information within the scope of the purposes set forth. The Company shall neither manage personal information beyond the original scope of purposes without the prior consent of subject of personal information nor provide any personal information to any third party. Provided, however, that in any of the following cases, the Company may use personal information for purposes other than those set forth herein or provide such to any third party, unless the interest of subject of personal information or any third party is likely to be unreasonably infringed upon.

Article 2 (Entrustment of Management of Personal Information)

The Company, in principle, shall not entrust the management of personal information to any third party. If it is necessary to entrust the management of personal information hereafter, the Company shall notify of the persons subject to the entrustment, content of the entrusted work, period of entrustment and the terms and conditions of the entrustment contract (which sets forth compliance with laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, the prohibition of providing personal information to any third party and responsibilities, etc.) through its personal information protection policy. If necessary, the Company shall receive a prior consent thereto.

Article 3 (Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information)

The Company shall take technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to secure safety as follows.

(1) Encryption of Personal Information Your passwords will be kept and managed after encryption, and only you who know the passwords can check and modify your passwords.

(2) Anti-hacking Measures to prevent leak of your personal information as a result of intrusion to our information and communications networks, such as hacking, computer virus, etc., the Company installs the security program within the area where external access is limited. To prevent an intrusion, your personal information is backed up from time to time and the newest vaccine program is using, and for secure transmission on networks, personal information in transit is protected through encryption and so on.

(3) Minimization and Training of Personal Information Managers We limit the number of our employees who handle personal information to the minimum level necessary and impress on them the compliance of protection of personal information through managerial safeguards, including but not limited to their training.

Article 4 (Personal Information Protection Managers, etc)

The Company exerts his best efforts to help you use our services safely. You can report any complaint on privacy issues in relation to the use of our services, to the personal information protection manager.